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The ruleCore CEP Server is a Complex Event Processing (CEP) server for real-time detection of complex event patterns from live event streams. A system level building block, providing reactivity into an event driven architecture.

Rulecore's execution engine works by continuously evaluating reaction rules in response to inbound events. The rules are defined using a declarative XML based rule language.

Here's some examples of what ruleCore CEP Server is used for:

Work Order Execution Create immediate notification when a service vehicle experience delays in executing its work order.

Monitor order process Alert if an order process has advanced less than one step per day or takes more than two weeks to complete.

Monitor timing constraints Produce an alert if expensive construction equipment leaves its designated area during the night. Geofence boundary crossing Detect when a vehicle arrives or leaves any one of your 234 customer sites.
Route compliance Detect when a vehicle is not following its designated route or is starting to travel along the route too early or too late.  Detect Non-Events Generate alerts when events do not occur as expected within a specified timeframe.